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Short minutes from “Text Mail Clients” BOF @ LinuxDays Prague 2012

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I promised to post some minutes from the BOF in $SUBJ here for people who don’t remember all the tool names:

  • [l]imit in mutt is very powerful functionality; my other blogpost describes notmuch integration to that
  • new mutt-kz has good virtual folder support as notmuch integration; perhaps future of state-of-art text mail clients
  • sup is interesting gmail-like text client, but way too slow!
  • alot is worth a look as nice notmuch frontend; no screenshots on net though
  • notmuch can filter by folder label, so single db is fine for all your folders
  • dovecot sync (dsync)
  • lookg at images when reading mail remotely – screenenv (set $DISPLAY based on last active screen client), new tool needed for seamless transfer of files back to local machine is needed!
  • maildir sync using VCS (bazaar) instead of imap (read mails using “thick client”) (ccxcz)
  • prioritization of downloaded mails by using uucp for transfer (lmw)
  • sending mails by feeding them to procmail which decides how to send them (ccxcz)
  • automatic addressbook building: lbdb (little brother db)
  • Trojita is Qt MUA with very fast IMAP.
  • another mutt tip: set edit_headers will make mutt not ask about recipient, subject etc. before starting editor, but let you put the headers in instead
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