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Hello world!

May 10th, 2009 1 comment

So I have decided to start blogging again – I have been wishing I would have a place for noting some things I would like to note more and more recently. Mainly thanks to chidori we are getting to have a pretty cool flat by now that I would like to show to my friends, I’m trying to create some cool gadgets, and I want to have a place to complain about my hardships as glibc package maintainer for SUSE and SUSE/Debian user. ;-)

I will try to tone down my chronic graphomania and try to note only things that are really worth noting. Well, that’s the theory. Let’s see how long my enthusiasm keeps up.

Originally, I wanted to set this up at, but Google wouldn’t let me have a web address without the leading www. – even though I know of many blogs that do have one. Weird. But looking back now, it’s probably good that they forced me to set up a local WordPress instance, which was actually really easy now that I’ve moved from Gentoo to Debian. The only problem is that I’m not too fond of the design, but I don’t feel like looking through hundreds of themes now. Maybe later.

FYI, I have been blogging in the distant past a little already. It didn’t work too well. :-) Let’s see if I have matured a bit. ;-) Wish me luck.

P.S.: Hmm, so how do I reorder external links in the sidebar? I tried the my-link-order plugin, it lets me to drag the links around, but no effect on the final page…

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