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glibc is kept in git now, which makes following it much more convenient. Also, it’s much more practical trying to track bugfix commits with git. glibc releases are frequently in fairly rough state, so it’s worthwhile for me when putting glibc in distribution to accumulate further bugfixes committed shortly after the release.

So, with an idea that other system integrators might find this useful as well, I created a small fork of glibc last night – pb-stable. Its master branch is the same as in glibc.git, but in addition it has a glibc-2.10-branch with many cherry-picked bugfixes committed on master since the release.

I intend to maintain this branch long-term at least for openSUSE usage (purely as cherry-picks except when a bug will need to be fixed that’s not applicable for master for some reason anymore), others are welcome to use it as well. I hope it gets upstream as well, I have sent a pull request… Well, we shall see, I have no expectations.

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