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Future of X11 (at least in Debian)

Just a random snippet from #debian-x to cheer everyone up…

11:51 < kampasky> it's nice there is example xorg.conf in /usr/share/doc/xserver-xorg/, but not very useful since users will never know about it until at least that fact is mentioned in /etc/X11/xorg.conf :)
11:54 < jcristau> kampasky: /etc/X11/xorg.conf won't exist.
11:59 < kampasky> oh :)
12:00 < kampasky> Ok, will there be at least /etc/X11/README explaining the situation (and if possible also how to change device configuration using hal fdi snippets etc.)?
12:01 < jcristau> no
12:01 < jcristau> /etc is the place for system configuration, not for docs
12:01 < kampasky> $ find /etc -name README | wc -l
12:02 < kampasky> 24
12:02 < jcristau> xorg.conf has a manpage
12:02 < kampasky> are all these going to disappear too?
19:30 < gravity> kampasky: The obvious place to look is in /usr/share/doc/xserver-xorg
19:30 < gravity> Not in /etc
19:31 < gravity> *especially* for example configs
23:01 < kampasky> gravity: yes, but if you remove a configuration file virtually all users that care are used to have there and that's one of the most customized ones in fact, wouldn't it make sense to make the transition strategy a little user friendly?

…and silence.

OBTW, in Debian unstable currently the default is that input devices are HAL-driven now and not mentioned in xorg.conf at all; took me a while to get the keyboard repeat configuration right (strangely, it was really off, I’m usually happy with the default). Also, you will want to turn DontZap off; on is the default now. I thought everyone settled on the approach of beeping three times and killing the server if the user presses ctrl-alt-backspace the fourth time in row? Whatever happenned to that?

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